Guess who is back!

Guess who’s back, back again… ME!!!!

and this is NOT an April fools joke.. I kid you NOT!

I am sorry I have missed you all so much I needed to come back. Truth is: I have felt so lost without my blog friends and I  living on these.

I miss cooking and I miss you all and I miss blogging and I miss everything that has to do with this lil thing I call “Megzz wins at Life”

I lost track of who I was for a little but I am back and ready to move forward. I have recently joined weight watchers and will be tracking what I loose / gain.. and hopefully more losing than gaining each week.

So I hope you all will take me back in your life again as I would love to have you all back in my life again. It was like a temporary breakup ;-)

I will not be obsessing with posting everything I eat like I did last time it will more be focused on enjoying life. I will post recipes, adventures, restaurant reviews and so much more.

Have a nice day everyone and I will catch up with you all tomorrow!

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7 responses to “Guess who is back!

  1. Sounds perfect!

  2. Aww yay! Im glad your back girl!!!! We all need a little pick me up!! Im excited your on WW!! Ill try to give you some recipes and let us know how it goes?!!!

  3. YAY! :D I’m so happy!

  4. Yay! Missed your posts :D

  5. Glad you are back and I love weight watchers :) Are you doing online or meetings?

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