Learning to love Healthy

So you wonder why am I learning to love healthy…

Because I have too.. I am not going to lie and tell you all I enjoy the healthiest food nor do I love to work out but I have to love it.

My mommy, whom I love dearly and is my best friend, was diagnosed with colon cancer about a year ago. After getting her colon removed she started her chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately the doctor whom administered the chemotherapy did not inject it properly and basically over-dosed my poor mother. One scary morning she was rushed to the Emergency Room and the doctors were unsure of her fate. Thankfully, the doctors helped her get stable and she remained in the hospital for a month gaining her strength back.  Overall they concluded the only reason she survived is because she was so healthy prior to getting sick. This leads me with no choice but to be healthy because healthy saved my mom’s life. I have a love / hate relationship with healthy but healthy loves me.

So come join me in my journey to love healthy and make healthy part of my life.

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